Liam Gillick - The Rak Yoshida, proverbs and locations

52 inkjet prints on 160gr. coated paper
21 x 29,7 cm

Signed and numbered edition of 20 + 10 a.p

MOREpages # 3
200 €

MOREpublishers asked Liam Gillick if he would consider producing a new print every day during the first few months of lockdown. He responded by starting to write a novel - one page per day. The Rak Yoshida is a haunted story that takes place in Tokyo between the end of January and second week of February 2020. It is also a story of self loathing and lack of discovery that takes place across time and rapidly shifting locations around the city. The protagonist’s nickname is Rak. Random acts of kindness. Random act of killing. The Rak Yoshida is caught permanently between conflicting states - never managing to engage fully in either one. Endlessly torn between identities. This new edition is a series of prints that reveal the location of each chapter of the book along with a Japanese proverb that points towards the development of the  plot. The novel is being completed for later publication in 2021.

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