Yann Sérandour - Distorted (essay by Daniel Buren for John Knight’s exhibition catalog “Łeetsoii”) - Black Set

Foldable beach chair : Beach wood structure, silkscreen print on 350gr/m coton
Variable dimensions

4 different designs
Each chair : signed and numbered edition of 2 (+ 1 A.P.)
(Edition 2/2, only available as complete set of 4 chairs)

Hors-série # 77
1 chair : 500 € / set: Sold out

The edition, composed of 4 foldable beach chairs is based upon a work Yann Sérandour made in 2007. ‘untitled (essay by Daniel Buren for John Knight’s exhibition “Łeetsoii”)’ A panaromic wallpaper that was made by rotating 90° an ‘essay’ by Daniel Buren- exclusively composed of horizontal black bands and published on the occasion of John Knight’s exhibition ‘Łeetsoii’ (Hoshour Gallery, Albuquerque, December 1988)

In 2009 the work of Yann Sérandour was installed at Gallery Croy Nielsen, Berlin. Though, the day after the installation the wallpaper started to peel of due to water damage. Yann Sérandour decided to let things as they were. Earlier Yann Sérandour found a book in the gallery’s Library, entitled ‘Damaged by water, financed by insurance’, a book intentionally subjected to water damage. Sérandour decided to expose the book in the window of the gallery and add a subtitle to the damaged wallpaper-work : ‘damaged by influence’.

For this new edition the photo of the installation in Gallery Croy Nielsen cut in 4 equal parts and used as a motive for 4 beach chairs. Manually silkscreen printed on high qualtity coton and used and then used as a seeting.
The chairs work both as paintings- coton on a wooden stretcher- to be installed on the wall, or as actual chairs. The image then, becoming a distorted version of the standard motives used for these chairs. Echoing Daniel Buren’s text for John Knight’s exhibition.

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