Hors série # 53
Nel Aerts
The Best Couples in the World (Like Salt and Pepper)
July 2015

custom made vitrine (miranti wood)
57 x 44 x 7 cm
set of 45 inkjet prints on glossy paper
39 x 52 cm each.
signed and numbered edition of 5 (+ 1 A.P.)


The edition consists of a handmade wooden vitrine and a set of 45 different poster prints that are to be presented in the vitrine, by use of two small magnets.
Each print shows an other set of pepper and salt pots, that are part of a growing collection that Nel Aerts started some years ago. A series of small porcelain and stoneware sculptures of which the actual function is absorbed by the beauty of the objects.
The collection of pepper and salt pots consists only of duo’s that are depending on one another. For example bread and butter, a stork and a baby, a monkey carying bananas, a small porcelain grannny and her rocking chair (the granny being the salt salt cellar and the rocking chair -the pepper pot) and many more.

Combinations in which one object is indispensable for the other- just like pepper and salt. Hence, the title The Best Couples in the World (Like Salt and Pepper).

Initially the edition was produced for a Brussels based restaurant; GRAMM. The restaurant’s concept is a unique menu that changes every two weeks and that is based on seasonal products.
The order and rhythm of the posters follows the restaurant’s menu. The edition is on view in the restaurant as long as the menu changes 45 times.



Born in 1987
Lives and works in Antwerp (BE)  

Nel Aerts

Selected solo & duo exhibitions :


Lord Nelson Posters, Stadslimiet, Anwterp (BE)


Nel Aerts (solo exhibition as part of Lieven Segers & Frank Koolen’s 120 minuten project),Art Brussels, Brussels (BE)


Doppelgänger, Trampoline gallery, Antwerp (BE) 


Lord Nelson’s Portrait Gallery, Carl Freedman Gallery, London (UK) 


A Two-Course Meal (duo show with Kristian Devantier), Galleri SPECTA, Copenhagen (DA)


Hide and seeks, Castillo Corrales, Paris (FR)


Al draagt een aap een gouden ring, het is en blijft een lelijk ding, Joint show w/ Vaast Colson, Antwerp, (BE)


Nel Aerts, Liste Basel solo presentation, (CH)


Nel Aerts, Art Brussels solo presentation, (BE)


Kunstenaars Van Morgen (en alle dagen nadien), Stadslimiet, Antwerp, (BE)


Post, curated by Jacob Fabricius, Kunsthalle Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, (DA)


De averechtse val van Huize Frankendael, Frankendael Foundation, Amsterdam, (NL)


De dans rond het uurglas, project space, Galerie VidalCuglietta, Brussels, (BE)


De Grote Overtocht, Hectoliter Gallery, Brussels, (BE)


Traveling after Zbigniew Herbert and Pan Cogito (2), Fort 8, Hoboken, (BE)


Undisclosed Gathering, Croxhapox, Ghent,( BE)


In De leer, Anastasis 2010, Heilig-Grafinstituut, Turnhout, (BE)


One with the Medicine Man, Pocketroom gallery, Antwerp, (BE)


Goodbye Old Paint, Academy (KASK), Ghent, (BE)