Hors-série # 34
Manuel Burgener
Untitled (A1 for sunday)
May 2014

Wood, glass, hardware
99,5 x 75 X 12,5 cm
Produced in Bern (CH), 2014
Signed and numbered edition of 6 (+ 2 A.P.)

On the occasion of 'credit to the edit'*, Manuel Burgener proposed a new edition, reflecting on the ambiguity of its own status. Working both  as a display structure for the sunday edition-series as well as an autonomous sculpture edition.  The edition consists of a wooden structure  that holds two glass plates, held together with turning aluminium clips. 

Each exemplar is a module. The structures were build in such way that they can be attached to one another, both vertically as horizontally. The sculpture can function as a standalone, as well as being a part of a larger structure.

The edition consists of 6 (+ 2 A.P.) sculptures.


*'credit to the edit', 24. May - 22. September, 2014, CNEAI, Chatou/Paris (FR)

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Born in 1978 Bern (ch)
Lives and works in Bern (CH)

Manuel Burgener's website


Selected solo exhibitions :

2014 Manuel Burgener, Galerie Luis Campana, Berlin (DE) (Upcoming)
2013 Manuel Burgener, Galerie Catherine Bastide, Brussels (BE)


Iche Laufe nicht auf einem Bein, S.M.A.K (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst), Ghent (BE)


Studio # 1, Galerie Van der Mieden, Antwerp (BE)


Oscar Tuazon und Manuel Burgener, Kunsthalle Bern (CH)


Formsachen, curated byvon Fabienne Eggelhöfer, Bern (CH)


M/C/Y, Cité international des arts Paris, Paris (FR)


Ab ovo, die Innenwelt der Aussenwelt der Innenwelt, with Fabian Marti, Marks blond, Bern (CH)


Gesehen die Dinge, sie hat sie schon gesehen, Kunstmuseum Thun (CH)


Erstens: Grenze der Suppe, Marks blond, Bern (CH)


stelzen (ohne Sicht), Installation, Offspace Laden, Düsseldorf (DE)


Beyond, Installation, Marks blond, Bern (CH)


Bern / Berlin, Manuel Burgener, Benjamin Dodel, Neues Problem Berlin (DE)


Ecke Freiestrasse / Muesmattstrasse: Innere Nähe, Marks blond, Bern (CH)